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Her nickname "Little Bit" is a little misleading!

There is nothing little about the performances of

 Miss Denise Williams. 

Denise comes to Club219 twice a month and her small stature leads to the shock of her bigger than life performances!  A classy blend of Urban hip-hop and top of the current top-of-the-chart favorites have Denise with a crowd of fans that love and adore her.......and what's not to love and adore?  On stage or off - she is a wonderful person with a personality that sparkles! 

Denise was away to the Twin Cities (no...not Kenosha/Racine) for a while so we missed her and generally forgot what a show-stopping package she really is.  Make no mistake though, she's made up for lost time.  We're glad that she's back!

Denise was 2nd Alternate to Miss Club219 and has entered a variety of pageants in the Southeast Wisconsin circuit and placed very high.  Her sights are still set on a crown and we are sure that in the not too distant future, Miss Williams will have a crowning number all her own for the state of Club219. 



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