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Garrison is a special guest at Club 219 who brings his daytime job with him!

Garrision has been involved in music and dancing most of his life.  He currently is a music and show designer for over 30 music and touring groups - with 17 winning championships to his credit

A graduate of Notre Dame in 1993 (English and Music), he has been involved in design and choreography since 1988.  He knows what he's doing - he was a Ballroom Dance Champion in 1999.  On the Milwaukee stage, Garrison was Mr. City of Festivals 2002 and Runner-Up for Mr. Triangle 2003.

Currently, Garrison joins us once in a while from his hectic schedule with his dance studio.  For the past three years, he has been awarded national top manager - so it's difficult to get him on stage.........but well worth the wait!


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