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Natasha Marques is one of the newest additions to the Club 219 line up.  She has a busy and hectic schedule with her regular life so we don't get to enjoy her talent and company nearly as much as we'd like.  When she does arrive however, she pulls out all the stops! 

Natasha demands that everything be as near perfect as possible.......and even then she wants rooms for improvement.  Never one to be caught with half-of-anything, this is one performer that if the temptation of a few crowns on her mantle ever takes hold, there will simply be no stopping her!

Natasha's alter-ego has his heart firmly planted at one of our finest local bars - The Triangle Bar - in Milwaukee.  Whether you find Natasha there or her boy-double, they make Triangle the place that you want to go when you're not at the shows of Club 219.  The entire package - beauty, personality, talent, grace and a whole lot of dignity thrown in for good measure - that we're very proud to call our friend! 

You can check out Natasha's other digs by visiting the Triangle Bar in person or in the cyber world by CLICKING HERE!


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