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Sometimes in this world there just aren't any words to describe some things.........

Rust on the sides of toilet bowls......

Drinking 'till you're pretty......

Accidentally voting Republican......

And then there's Miss Jarica Jordan!  Miss Jordan is one of Southeast Wisconsin's busiest performers.  She has tirelessly promoted Racine's longest established gay bar - Jodee's International, promoted and guided her latest crown, Miss Lakeshore and the bar that hold's the pageant - the Blue Light in Sheboygan and managed to perform at most venues throughout the State of Wisconsin.  Her energy is endless

Jarica is a frequent guest at Club 219 and has become a regular participant and confidant in most things related to the shows.  She is currently the 1st alternate to Miss Cosmopolitan as well as the former reigning title holder for many pageants throughout the state. 

If you'd like to see what Miss Jordan has been up to CLICK HERE


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