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Lexie is undoubtedly the South's best kept secret.  Hailing originally from Nashville, TN, Lexie has been the key to the heart of Illinois for over 3 years prior to unleashing her talents upon an unsuspecting Minneapolis.  Lexie hosted the Miss Gay Illinois Pageants for three years and Miss Gay Illinois At-Large for two.  She reigned as Miss Greater Peoria two years running, and hosted her own live comedy show, "The Versace Playhouse" that was broadcast on the local cable access channel in Peoria for two years!  She held the title of Southern Indiana Entertainer of the Year back in....uh,  we'd better not state what year, but she still can rip it up from time to time.  All good for a girl barely breaking her 30's.

Not only does Lexie circulate the local and regional drag circuits, she also was a former stage performer in local performances of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Keep America Singing.  She got all that jazz from her days back as a stage performer in Opryland, home of the Grand Ole Opry.

Lexie loves Milwaukee and the great people of the city that enjoy her twisted renditions of  "The Church Lady" and most famously her true to life portrayal of Anna Nicole Smith.  If ya ask me, Anna is not the only one hitting the pills.....especially after seeing that number on stage!

Lexie is a regular at the Townhouse in Minneapolis/St Paul Regional area and has been known to slum it at the Brass Rail from time to time.  However, out of face you would never be able to pick her from the crowds at the Minneapolis Eagle, the Bolt, or Milwaukee's own Boot Camp.  She can turn it out at any venue.  You better work, bitch!

She can also be reached at LexieBoy93@aol.com.



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